Monday, December 17, 2012

Free version for 60 Days

The Best find phone app for Android.

Find phone now help you find your device location, remotely wipe your device when stolen, remembers your location, Play Panic when lost and even make a Spy Call to any phone number

Key Features:
* Find Phone anywhere in the world
* Remote Lock
* Remote Wipe
* Recent Locations
* Turn Off Notifications
* Spy Call
* Play Panic
* IMEI and Device Model
* Very Easy to use
* Good Bye to SMS !
FindPhonenow Free Supported Features:
* Find Phone anywhere in the world
* Play Panic
* IMEI and Device Model
Here are some ways you can use findPhonenow:
- Use Find Phone to locate your device.
- Use Play Panic to find your device if missing.
- Use Recent Locations to get the history of device location.
- Use Remote Lock to lock your device if you think your device is stolen.
- Use Remote Lock to lock your device so that no one can access your device content when you are not around.
- Use Turn off Notification to find your phone where it is switched off. This can be useful if someone steals your phone and tries to turn it off.
- Use Spy Call to listen to background voice. Spy Call enables your phone to call to any number silently.
- Use Remote Wipe to Reset your device and delete all your information.
How to use ?
1. Install the Application
2. Run the set up wizard
3. go to and login.

Findphonenow is only available for Android Phones & Tablets
- Free Version will expire in 60 days.
- You can activate upto 3 Devices.
Loss or Damage to Phone
FindPhonenow Developer(s) are not responsible for any damage caused to the device using the Application/Site.
We are not responsible for NOT finding the device using the application/site when in emergency or otherwise.
We are not be liable for any claim arising out of the lose of your device, application not working as expected.

Try Find phone now free for 60 Days.

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